We strongly believe that ally development is an action-oriented, life-long process, and we structure the workshop accordingly.

We hold three separate trainings: for students; for faculty, staff and administration; and for community members. This creates an environment in which our allies can freely share their stories of joy, their stories of sorrow, and feel comfortable doing so.

Each training lasts 1-3 hours, with each training tailored to the unique needs of the organization and its stakeholders. A standard training may cover basic information to ensure that we are all on the same page for the remainder of the training. After some basic information is covered, we continue the workshop: shifting between a lecture-oriented approach and an interactive approach. From visualization activities, discussion, and group scenarios, we aim to give our allies a “jumping-off point” for their continued journey in becoming an ally.

Some of our past trainings

about the trainings

“I expected this workshop to be a typical 'diversity training' workshop with a lot of cheek-in-tongue lecture. I was wrong. Not only did Amie and Stephanie present relevant information, they designed this in a way that goes above and beyond diversity training. It was emotional. It was thoughtful. And in the end, it is programs like this that will change the culture.” ~ Evansville community member/participant